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About Us

Your trusted drywall experts.

PatchitUP takes pride in our work and your home. We are the experts in drywall maintenance, repair, and installations because we focus on providing top-quality labor and considerate client care. We have been providing our clients with services without fail, and we carry a history of skilled craftsmen and satisfied customers with us.

To provide quality drywall and remodeling services requires more than experience and expertise; it demands caring. We visit our clients’ private residences and places of work every day. We take all necessary precautions to safeguard all belongings and furnishings and to ensure that your property is just as clean when we leave as it was when we arrived in order to provide the appropriate degree of care.

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Our Mission

At PatchitUP, our unwavering commitment is to establish ourselves as the epitome of excellence in the drywall industry. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and professionalism. We pledge to fulfill every promise, uphold the utmost transparency, cultivate professionalism among our team members, and engage only the most skilled craftspeople in the industry.

Our Vision

PatchitUP aims to establish itself as the leading brand in the drywall industry across the United States. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and a memorable brand experience sets us apart. Achieving this level of excellence requires finding franchise owners who not only grasp but also embody the brand's standards. Together, we will build a strong and enduring presence in the market.

Our Core Values


Our highly trained professionals utilize their experience and the latest technology in the drywall industry to ensure your drywall project is completed correctly and to the highest standard.


We do not price by the hour or by the day; we price by the job itself. This ensures you are getting the most value no matter when you book your service with us.


We are committed to working to your schedule. Whether you prefer nights, weekdays, or weekends, our team will arrive on time each day and ensure that you are kept in the loop throughout.


We provide you with honest, guaranteed work and pledge to deliver on all our promises. There are no surprises relating to additional costs at the end of your project — you will know everything from the start.

"The team was very response. A person came the next day, provided an estimate and since we accepted it, patched the whole in the sheet rock perfectly. Would hire again!"

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Would you recommend us?

If you have been satisfied with our drywall repair services in and around Nassau County, would you consider recommending us to others? Word-of-mouth referrals from our customers make a big difference, and we really appreciate it. Thank you for considering us!